Millions of families across the world have made us a part of their happiest moments. We try to give back to the people without whom Manyavar would not have been possible.

CSR Vision

We hope to help communities live with Respect by actively contributing towards healthcare, education and overall development of people in need.

CSR Projects

Vedant Fashions Limited (formerly known as Vedant Fashions Pvt. Ltd.). has been actively contributing to various Foundations/Trusts that conduct heart surgeries of underprivileged children. It supports children vulnerable to exploitation, victimization and trafficking, including orphans, street children, abandoned children and extremely impoverished children from tribal areas through the following organizations:

Manas Foundation

Manas Foundation is a non-profit, private charitable organization trustee by Mr. Ravi Modi and Mrs. Shilpi Modi and mentored by Mr. Manu Chatlani of Have a Heart Foundation. It strives to help children with heart ailments, conduct surgeries and treat children born with Congenital Heart Disease.

Over time, Manas has sponsored 800+ surgeries worth Rs. 3.5 crores at Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences & The Mission Hospital.

Friends of Tribal Society (FTS)

A voluntary organization committed to the upliftment of tribals and other deprived communities in rural India by providing basic education to their children and offering villagers health care, development and empowerment education. We believe literacy is the key to progress.

Parivaar – West Bengal’s largest Free Residential Institution for Children

A humanitarian service organization, based in 24 Parganas in West Bengal, working for complete care and overall development of orphans, girls who are highly vulnerable to exploitation, victimization and trafficking with its own formal school ‘Amar Bharat Vidyapeeth’ for resident children.

Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF)

An organization striving to address the gap in the availability of low cost primary health care in rural areas. Its goal is to develop a chain of sustainable rural primary care clinics across India targeting the poor populations unable to afford quality health care. RHCF is currently a network of 10 clinics, spread across various districts of West Bengal and has served over 10 lakh patients through its network, till date.

Vedant Fashions Limited (formerly known as Vedant Fashions Pvt. Ltd.) has also assisted in establishing 100 Ekal Vidyalayas - One Teacher Schools (OTS) in tribal areas across the country.