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Vedant Fashions Private Limited, the parent enterprise to Manyavar, Mohey and Mebaz, is a pioneer in ethnic wear and a leader in India’s apparel sector.

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India’s largest men’s ethnic wear label and among the country’s most respected brands today.

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Women’s celebration wear, rapidly emerging as India’s favourite and one of the fastest growing labels in the sector.

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A celebration wear destination for the entire family - men, women and kids.


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Founded in 1999 by Ravi Modi - Vedant Fashions Private Limited, is a pioneer in ethnic wear and the leader in India’s fashion sector.

It is the parent enterprise to the labels - Manyavar, Mohey and Mebaz. Manyavar is an abbreviation for men’s ethnic wear and the largest fashion label in India today. Mohey - launched in 2016 as a women’s celebration wear, is rapidly emerging as a global favorite. Mebaz is a celebration wear destination for the entire family; present in 5 cities including Metros focusing largely in Southern part of India.

Enabled by a state-of-the-art production capacity of 3 Million Pieces Per annum and a team of 1000+ direct employees - Vedant Fashions retails from over 450 Exclusive Stores across 160+ cities in 5 countries.

Vedant Fashions is perceived as a case study for its distinct metamorphosis from a start-up to a leader in less than 2 decades.

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Shaadi hai, #TaiyaarHoKarAaiye

Take notes from Ranveer Singh and his squad’s fashion diary and adorn this ensemble on your wedding day. Kyunki shaadi hai, #TaiyaarHoKarAaiye.

DulhanWaliFeeling By Mohey
#DulhanWaliFeeling By Mohey

Thodi si nervous but bilkul nahi shy, thodi si emotional but nahi karegi cry. Here’s introducing the brand new face of #Mohey, Alia Bhatt sharing her #DulhanWaliFeeling.


Shaadi season ho chuka hain start and kartik Aaryan hain saj dhaj ke taiyaar! What are you waiting for? Jaiye, aap bhi #TaiyaarHoKarAaiye. Head out to the nearest store and check out the exclusive #KartikCollectible #Manyavar


Yaar ki shaadi mein yaaron ki apni khaas pehchan hoti hain! Celebrate all those moments with Kartik Aaryan and his coolest #GroomSquad in town.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli New Manyavar Ad after Marriage
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli New Manyavar Ad after Marriage

Papas! Pehno Apni Pehchaan!
Papas! Pehno Apni Pehchaan!

This Independence Day, kids teach their daddies about patriotism and #veshbhusha

How Rajasthan Royals spend Sundays
How Rajasthan Royals spend Sundays - by Manyavar

Doing nothing, for the joy of loved ones #ParivarRavivar

How Rajasthan Royals spend Sundays
Manyavar - How Kings XI Punjab spends Sundays

Doing nothing but making Dadi happier #ParivarRavivar

naye vaade
Virat and Anushka's Naye Vaade

A new spin on shaadi ke saat vachan. Wedding Vows to Wedding WOWS!

nayi shuruat
Manyavar Virat ki nayi shuruat

In the good old days, new occasions brimmed with excitement. Little moments left you speechless. Today, life has come a full circle. Once again, let’s find the time to pause, soak in and celebrate. We’re all going to do something new. Let’s do it in a Kurta.

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Manyavar Virat Kohli ki ladkiwalo se demand

Virat Kohli questions age old traditions that burden the bride's family. Would you agree?

against boundries
Virat Kohli against boundaries

Watch: What’s common between Holi, Diwali, Eid, and all our festivals? Irrespective of religion, they bring us closer together. Har tyohaar, India ka tyohaar - Manyavar